The Remedy before the Plague

I was reading the other day and I came across a statement that said “The remedy is sent before the plague.”   What a great statement to hear if you are going through any kind of trouble.   What it means is the answer is already there,  all you have to do is find it.   Obviously, the harder more complex problems might need some more effort to find, but they are there.  A lot of times in my life I felt as if I was on a wild goose chase looking for answers to my problems that didn’t exist.  Sometimes it even got pretty hardcore and scary before I started to see the light,  but every time there was an answer.

When you think about it, it’s not hard to completely skip over the answer to your problem even if it’s right in front of your face.   I mean, if it’s a new problem you have never dealt with before then most likely you have never dealt with the answer either, so how would you recognize the answer. 

What I like to do is treat my problems the same way I treat video games.   Have you ever played a video game and got to a level that you got stuck on.   I have noticed a pattern that I always do when I reach that point in a game.   See if you recognize yourself in this pattern that I do:

1.  First, I notice that what I have been doing is not working anymore.
2.  Even though I know this I keep repeating the same actions hoping that it just works THIS time.

3.  Next, I get mad at myself for knowing to try something different but still not changing yet. 
4.  Finally, I start to do little things different and see if I can see something I haven’t seen before.
5.  I start to take a different path, sometimes I would slow down to see if I am missing something. Other times I would speed up to see if that would change anything. 
6.  I keep going until all avenues and roads are tried.
7.  Eventually, I see something in a different way.   What looked like a wall before all of a sudden is a door.
8.  Every time, bar none, I find a way through.

Because it’s a game I know there is a way through the hard times.  That’s the way you should look at life.   Always know there is a way through the hard times.   If you start to think that there is not an answer then you will lose hope, and without hope you will start to deteriorate and stop trying.   If you stop trying you might as well be dead.

If you are close to death, find hope.   Hope will lead to action.   Action will lead to struggle.  Struggle will lead to strength.  Strength will lead to success.   Always.   Always.   Always.   No exceptions.

NOTE: Whenever possible the names of any sources that have contributed are mentioned. With that said, tracing the origin of any wisdom learned can be difficult. I have done my best to list these sources on our website under the page titled “Sources”.

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