The Law of the Vital Few

80-20 Rule
Pareto Principal
The Law of the Vital Few
Principal of Factor Sparsity

All of the above are different names for the same principal that I am sure you have heard of before. The question is “are you using it”? In addition to that, are you using it in all facets of your life and business? When I first heard of it, I used it pretty simply and broadly; nevertheless, I now see it in a different more detailed light. Just to make sure we are on the same page, the rule simply states that for a huge array of events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. An example would be that 80% of your money comes from 20% of your sales people. Also, 20% of your sales people make 80% of the money in your organization, while the other 80% makes 20% of the money. Pretty simple to understand. However, like most knowledge, the concept is easy to understand, but implementing it, takes a little more thought.

Things to ponder and tattoo to the inside of your forehead:
1. Most people probably spend 20% of their time at work creating money or making opportunities and 80% of their time doing stuff that can be delegated to someone else. In addition, if you delegated your time to someone else, you would most likely find out that they are probably better at it than you. The only way you will ever find that out is if you let them do it. What would your life be like if you spent 80% of your time doing important stuff that “generates money” and 20% of your time spent doing the less important stuff that’s “energy draining” or getting it delegated to someone else?

2. You are most likely spending 80% of your time with sales people that makes you 20% of your money. That’s kinda like the “bad” kid of the family that gets more attention from the parents then the “good” kid that is doing great. Thus, this feeds and rewards the wrong activities. Make sure the “good” ones get better and leave the door open for the “bad” ones to step up if they want to.

3. There is probably a 20% section of your day that you get 80% of your work done. Have you ever wondered how some people achieve more in a day, even though they have the same amount of time that you have? It is in all likelihood, they make sure that they are constantly refining how they spend their time.

4. Your sales people probably spend 80% of their day knocking on doors or driving to appointments and only 20% doing the actual demos. Imagine if this was reversed?

5. Your canvassers are probably spending 80% of their day walking around and waiting for their crew leader and only 20% pitching to customers at the door. Is there a way you can increase their pitch ratio?

Working the 80-20 Rule on your behalf, instead of against you, is a constant battle that needs continual reinforcements. Remember, it is a work in progress, that needs to be constantly refined and updated to change with the changing scenarios of your life.

NOTE: Whenever possible the names of any sources that have contributed are mentioned. With that said, tracing the origin of any wisdom learned can be difficult. I have done my best to list these sources on our website under the page titled “Sources”.

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