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New Distributor

“Phoenix Financing, LLC was conceived for the financing needs of Distributors of the new millennium.”

In today’s market, there is a need for a finance company that can help Distributors profit in places that others see only losses, or road blocks.

It is no secret that seeing opportunity where others see nothing to gain can bring in another revenue stream that your competition can’t or is not equipped to compete with. Better tools and sharper axes will always cut through the competition faster and more efficiently.

“Without a doubt, if you are an Exclusive Member of the Dead Presidents Society you have either already built a successful distributorship or you are in the process of building one.”

You know as well as anyone that reaching high levels of achievement only happens when you surround yourself with a great team.  For some of you, that team will be made up of a spouse, business partner, friend, manager, brother or even a sister. Too often the chance to show your appreciation to your team has been limited by other finance companies with rules and limitations connected to the trip that you earned.  In fact those limits only limit the very people who helped you achieve your success.

One of the benefits of being an Exclusive Member is that you earn trips where you are not limited by someone else’s choices or decisions. No one tells you where you go or who you can bring.  In fact there are no limits and that’s just the way we like it.