Preparing to Fail

Be prepared to fail sometimes.   It will happen, and it needs to happen.

What I mean by this is be prepared for it when it happens so that you can deal with it properly.  Learning to fail was, and continues to be a hard lesson for me to learn.  Failing still carries with it a pain I have never liked.  Now, I manage failure, and refuse to let it manage me.

How?  For me it is my wife and my belief in what the Bible says.  I believe both of them to the Nth degree.  I believe both of them have my best interest at heart.  I don’t just believe it but I have tested it.  Now with that established, I know where to go to when I need to plug into some positive electricity.  Make sure the people that you go to possess the ability to tell you what you need to hear not feel sorry for you and just tell you what you want to hear. 

When I can’t see the road to success clearly, my wife clears the smoke and debris from the road and gets me back on track.  She reminds me of the good times.  She reminds me of why I started the journey in the first place.  She never tells me I can’t do it, never.  She reminds me of other times I lost sight of where I was going but stayed the course and had a huge break through.

You see we have a clearly defined goal of where we want to end up.   We made this goal when we had a clear head.  We made it when we were positive.  We made it when we saw through things instead of seeing obstacles.  With that in mind, we don’t make decisions about our future when we are feeling emotional or negative.  If we did, it would be a roller coaster ride of a life just like our emotions are.

Something to ponder: Make some travel plans to where ever it is that you would like to take your family financially.  Make the plans together.  Make sure everyone has a selfish motive.  Make sure everyone has their input.  If you are going two separate directions, I promise there is going to be a major problem.  Maybe there is a compromise.  If there is, find one.  If there isn’t, you must decide which direction to follow.  But don’t, and I mean don’t, think that you will go two separate directions.  A ship can only go to one place at a time.  It might send a smaller boat to do something but the big ship stays the course.  If it didn’t, it would never make its destination.

NOTE: Whenever possible the names of any sources that have contributed are mentioned. With that said, tracing the origin of any wisdom learned can be difficult. I have done my best to list these sources on our website under the page titled “Sources”.

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