“Don’t get caught up in the thick of thin things” — Mike Lowery

I think one of the biggest problems I see with people becoming successful today is the inability to see “what is” or “isn’t” a priority. In today’s world, everything seems to need our attention, but what really does? Here is an interesting quiz I put together to see how people manage their time. Put the list in the order that you would do from first to last. Understand, this is not a list of what you think is more important, but a list of how you would do them. Let me set the scene for you. You are watching the T.V. in your home when all of these things happen at the same exact time:

1. The water in the tub is overflowing on the floor

2. The baby starts to cry

3. The phone rings

4. Your wife/husband screams for help from another room

5. The lotto numbers from the ticket you purchased are about to be read off in a few seconds (Note: I don’t play the lotto)

Obviously the answers can change depending on strange circumstances; but, I would like to show you an example of how I think. I know a lot of you would pick the baby first since they are so helpless; nonetheless, let’s examine this further with a keen eye. Here is the order in which “I” would have done the list above.

Answers: #1, #3, #5, #4, #2

The reason for this order is:

#1 (THE TUB)

I picked THE TUB as #1 because it has a high probability of causing a lot of damage, but can be dealt with very quickly.


The phone could be dealt with quick and easy and I can be mobile at the same time to take care of the other things.


The numbers for the lotto have a high rate of return for my time, understanding again, my kid is in a safe place and my wife, depending on the type of the scream, should be OK for a couple of seconds while I deal with everything else. It is good to note that if she was doing anything dangerous I would have been there with her.

#4 (MY WIFE)

Already explained above


The baby is last because he/she shouldn’t be in any “major” harm’s way. For the reason that, I would have already prepared his/her area to be safe when I laid him/her down.

I think the most important thing is that my journey was planned out. I didn’t just react to the closest problem or to the one that screamed the loudest. Furthermore, I didn’t create any “more” problem/issues because I acted out of fear. Never…….. Never…….. and I mean NEVER, act out of fear.

Recognize that your time is auctioned off every day, whether you like it, or not. Your job should be to make sure it is bought at the “highest” price possible from the “best” bidder.

To bring this into a sales perspective, think about the first time you ran a van, crew or sales meeting. Change the crying baby to a crying salesperson and the tub of overflowing water to something like a new salesperson that has just broken something in a house. Whatever the problem is, you better be able to know if it is the highest bidder of your time, or you will go home tired from doing a lot of “things” that are of little importance. Before too long, you will soon be broke because those “things” don’t pay.

NOTE: Whenever possible the names of any sources that have contributed are mentioned. With that said, tracing the origin of any wisdom learned can be difficult. I have done my best to list these sources on our website under the page titled “Sources”.

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