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(Good for anyone who trains new sales people)

A Sales Trainer is someone who understands the power of new sales people. They don’t just understand it, but they know how to manipulate it, structure it, and profit from it. I was a sales trainer for my Factory Distributor (Ed Blalock) for 6 months. After that, I was a sales trainer for my own organization for years. Truth be told, I was horrible at first and had to really work at it to get good. The hardest part for me was to learn how to say the truth but spin it in a positive way. That doesn’t mean lying. There is a big difference between the two.

Example: (If someone asked me this the first day of class)

Q. Do we have to knock on doors?

A. No, you don’t have to knock on doors; but, we are going to train you how to knock so that you can if you want to. As an incentive we pay $50.00 extra to the person who knocks in to an appointment that turns into an A loan sale. How many of you guys could use an extra $50.00 a day? To show you guys how easy it is, let me ask you this, how many of you have carpet? How many of you have stains on your carpet? How many of you want those stains removed for free? (Everyone always raises their hands) Exactly! That’s how easy it is to knock on doors because we give away a free room of dry cleaning!

Understand I am being brief but I am sure you get the point. Remember it’s a work in progress and it won’t happen overnight. Keep your eyes on the big picture and the time invested will make sense to you. If you are in the sales business for the right reasons, to be promoted to the top, then understand one day you will have to train someone else to do this job and you better be good at it. If you’re not, your whole organization will suffer from it. Remember to learn to be a Sales Trainer on your Distributor’s dime and not yours. You don’t want to have to pay for your own mistakes if he/she is willing to pay for them.

Here are some basic points to remember when training/recruiting:

1. You can tell how good your phone script is by how many people showing up to your interview. You can tell how good your interview is by how many people showing up to your first day of class. You can tell how good your first day of class is by how many show up the next day, and so on.

2. You are a funnel for people to enter your sales machine. Once they have completed the class, and if they choose to not continue, that’s their problem. Just make sure you are not weeding people out because you are making that decision for them.

3. Keep stats so you can tell what your strengths and weaknesses are. Only then can you make corrections to yourself.

4. Judge yourself by results, not compliments from people in your class. The main results for a Sales Trainer to concentrate on are countdowns, sales people quality at the end of the orientation, and the quantity of sales people you are delivering to your Distributor. If you do that, the money will be there.

NOTE: Whenever possible the names of any sources that have contributed are mentioned. With that said, tracing the origin of any wisdom learned can be difficult. I have done my best to list these sources on our website under the page titled “Sources”.


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