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Communicating Logically Overcoming Silly Excuses (C.L.O.S.E.)

A lot of people think that sales are all about luck. If you think that, it means that you don’t believe you have anything to do with your success. In addition, you also believe that YOU can’t control whether or not YOU fail. If that’s the case, sales would feel like a very scary place. […]

“Don’t get caught up in the thick of thin things” — Mike Lowery

I think one of the biggest problems I see with people becoming successful today is the inability to see “what is” or “isn’t” a priority. In today’s world, everything seems to need our attention, but what really does? Here is an interesting quiz I put together to see how people manage their time. Put the […]

The Law of the Vital Few

80-20 Rule Pareto Principal The Law of the Vital Few Principal of Factor Sparsity All of the above are different names for the same principal that I am sure you have heard of before. The question is “are you using it”? In addition to that, are you using it in all facets of your life […]

“I want it now Daddy!!!!!!!!!” —- Veruca Salt — Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

I have two words for Veruca Salt………..DEFERRED GRATIFICATION!!!!! Remind your sales people that they should stop being spoiled and expecting their success to be served at 87 degrees on a silver platter of their choice. Only 2% of Americans make over $100,000.00 a year. What makes them so special that they don’t have to go […]

3 Demos a Day

(Good to give to New Sales People) Why does the company recommend doing three demos a day? It’s simple, doing three demos a day will guarantee you a successful month. You see, you can have a bad day, or maybe even a bad week, but you are not going to have a bad month doing […]

Dealer Power Specialist

(Good for anyone who trains new sales people) A Sales Trainer is someone who understands the power of new sales people. They don’t just understand it, but they know how to manipulate it, structure it, and profit from it. I was a sales trainer for my Factory Distributor (Ed Blalock) for 6 months. After that, […]

Give it All You Got

Some years back, a United Airlines Flight crashed into the top of Medicine Bow Mountain in Wyoming, killing 65 people. The flight was flying at 12,000 feet. If he, the pilot, would have been flying at 12,055 feet, he would have cleared the mountain and the people would be alive today. ARMED was the name […]

PhD in Dirt

( Great for Sales Meeting ) What does the life of a kid working his way through college look like? It’s not pretty, believe me. I live by the University of Texas so I see college kids all the time. They are working two jobs to have just enough money to get by. They eat […]