20 Questions for New Sales People

Here is a list of 20 questions/statements I would give my new sales people on their first day in the field. It accomplished a couple of things that I always thought was positive. First, it gave them something intelligent to say during their demos. Second, it would keep them busy in the van on the way out to the field. Third, it would give me something to gauge their excitement and commitment to the business. If they had the questions memorized quickly, I knew they wanted to be a permanent resident in my business, instead of just visiting. I would like to give credit where credit is due; however, I am not exactly sure where any of these questions came from anymore. I think the mere fact of just having a question to ask is probably more important than the words used to ask the question. With that said, learning the power that is gained from asking questions came from Troy Brown. The below questions are Kirby specific but I am sure you can substitute words to make them fit your business.

1. Since we will never stop cleaning, shouldn’t we at least turn that expense into an investment?

2. Not giving the car an oil change because it costs money would actually costs us more. It’s the same with your Kirby; not getting one would cost us more, right?

3. Everyone has to abide by a budget. However, no matter what was going on, you would never cut cleaning out of your budget, right?

4. How long would it take you to fix a hole in your pocket? Can you see how not having a Kirby is like having a hole in your check book?

5. Wouldn’t you fire your maid for sweeping the dirt under the rug?

6. Would you feel a little funny sitting in a car that didn’t move? What about sitting in front of a T.V. that didn’t turn on? Your vacuum is no different since it doesn’t work.

7. What would you call your refrigerator if it didn’t keep the food cold?

8. What would you call your washing machine if it didn’t clean the clothes? What would you call it if you actually put the clothes in and they came out dirtier? Well, to be fair, that’s what your old vacuum should be called then.

9. If you don’t think it through, it might seem smarter to “not” purchase a Kirby at first; however, after seeing that you’re spending the money anyways, it’s a no-brainer, wouldn’t you agree?

10. If the Kirby was free, you would use it?

11. Since you are already paying for the Kirby wouldn’t it be smarter to actually have one?

12. Imagine making payments on your neighbors BMW while you drive a moped! You wouldn’t do it, right? If you are going to pay for something, then you would want to use it for yourself, right? It’s the same with the Kirby. You are already paying for it …………so use it. I’m just the delivery person trying to drop it off!!!!

13. What’s the interest on something that never pays off? 100%, right? The Kirby is only 12% per year of the total amount financed.

14. Would you ask for a refund if your hotel room had these dirty pads sprinkled all over your bed? Why should our home be any different?

15. If the fire department said your carpet was on fire, but don’t worry it’s a slow fire……how long would it take for you to run and put it out? We would do it immediately, right? The reason we would do it immediately is because any damage is going to cost us money.

16. Isn’t the carpet just a towel for the feet? How often do you wash your towels? How often do you clean your carpets?

17. If it takes the same amount of energy and the same amount of time to do the job right……shouldn’t we just use a Kirby?

18. If you had to choose between two hotels which one would you chose? The first one has dust mites, but it’s cheaper by $2.00 a night!! The second one uses a Kirby but it cost $2.00 more a night. Where would you let your family stay that night? What if you had to stay at the hotel for a month? What about a year? You obviously understand what I mean when I say that cleaning is a necessity, right?!!!

19. If you had to choose between the clean pad and the dirty pad, which one would you choose? Exactly!! It’s pretty simple!! Purchasing a Kirby doesn’t have to be more difficult than that!

20. Some people actually think they have a choice when it comes to purchasing a Kirby or not. The truth is, you are buying one rather you like it or not. I’m just trying to deliver it.

NOTE: Whenever possible the names of any sources that have contributed are mentioned. With that said, tracing the origin of any wisdom learned can be difficult. I have done my best to list these sources on our website under the page titled “Sources”.

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