Month: August 2013

PhD in Dirt

( Great for Sales Meeting ) What does the life of a kid working his way through college look like? It’s not pretty, believe me. I live by the University of Texas so I see college kids all the time. They are working two jobs to have just enough money to get by. They eat […]

The Horizon

Discovery is seeing what everyone else has seen and thinking differently about it. Pretty much everything under the sun has been already in front of our eyes ready to be seen but that doesn’t mean that you have seen it with your brain. Every Distributor is aware of the business they are in, but I […]

Time Management on Steroids

The other day I was asked a question regarding time management. The Distributor wanted suggestions that could help them manage their time better so that they could be more productive. In true Josh form, I probably gave a much more complex answer then this person wanted. The problem with speaking to a group is that […]