Month: April 2013

Sight vs Insight

I heard one time that life will keep you coming back to the same spot, repeating over and over, until you learn the lessons that life wants you to learn in that particular cycle of your life.  I wish the saying said what YOU wanted to learn but it says what LIFE wants you to […]

Phone Closing

Phone Closing Great for pitching why we use the Phone Closer to Newbies: On a NASCAR race track there is a guy who sits way on top of the stadium and his sole purpose is to see things from a different perspective then the driver.  If there is a crash then he directs the driver […]

Need vs Want

My mom use to tell me to never pawn anything.  Understand that it has nothing to do with the Pawn Shop; it has everything to do with “why” you need the money.  Furthermore, if you are borrowing money to get by, then you are living above your means.  If you don’t change the habits that […]


SIT-REP, is a Situation Report that is given to your superiors in the military.  It informs the people in charge of the important points, in any given situation. This allows them to make the correct assessment of the situation and make corrections to what is wrong or reinforce what is working. It’s a worthless report if it […]